Sørlandsgaloppen 2023


Finish your race by the beach, then go for a swim!

29. June – 2. July 2023 we welcome you to orienteering races right next to one of the nicest beaches on the south coast of Norway – Storesand in Fevik for the first two days, before moving to the forests around Arendal in the last two days.

The picture above is from Storesand, a popular natural beach. It was also used in connection with several competitions of the Norwegian TV series “Mesternes mester” in 2021.

O-camp will be at Hove camp with walking distance to nice beaches and great summer activities on land and in the water.

What do you need to know?


18th May: added info about prizes.

15th April: simplified overall ranking rules.

6th April: translated information added to Norwegian site recently

4th January: added AM-open class