Maps and terrain SG2023

The races in 2023 will be in Fevik and Arendal. Get an overview of the map areas by looking at the overview below.


The map at Fevik is a large sprint-map – the same map will be used for both sprint and middle distance.

Excerpt of Fevik. This is Storesand, the best beach in the area. At times the terrain is steep, so it pays off to use paths and find openings.
The forest is wedged between the sea and a residential area, which is clearly shown here. The patches of green should be avoided, as well as the places where the undergrowth is drawn in with green lines. Use the paths if you can.
Excerpt of Fevik. Residential area with school and elderly home. The map is not completely finished, can you see what is missing?
The white forest enables quick running
There are several paths in the terrain and the undervegetation is not particularly high in the white forest.
The forest is a mix of many different types of trees, oak and pine are abundant.

Arendal – Bjørnebo

This terrain will mainly be used for the middle distance, but some parts of it are also relevant for the long distance.

The area is dominated by a lot of black: paths, roads and cliffs. The many paths make the terrain fast, but it is essential to reduce the pace when attacking the controls which are in the forest. It is very possible to pick the wrong path too!

It is a popular area for hiking, running and cycling – several of the paths are mainly used by cyclists.

The forest is a mix of many tree types, leaf and needle forest. White parts are very nice, some undergrowth – but not the worst. The middle green areas are due to oak bushes or dense spruce areas. Marches are tough to run in. Ditches and streams are usually dry and can be difficult to detect.

Excerpt of Bjørnebo.
Excerpt of Bjørnebo.

Arendal – Mjåvann

This terrain is for the long distance.

This is a neighbouring terrain to Bjørnebo and its name is from the lake in the northern edge of the map. Many paths here as well, but fewer than in Bjørnebo.

Excerpt of Mjåvann.
Excerpt of Mjåvann.