O-camp at Hove

There are many good reasons to participate in the Sørlandsgaloppen 2023, the o-camp is a holiday destination in itself!

There are several other places you can stay in Arendal and Fevik, but we think the nicest place for you to stay is at the o-camp at Hove camp center. The Hove area is one of the most popular hiking areas for locals. It is also nice to live with many other runners, and you will have others to chat with and the kids can find many new and old friends among tents, houses and campers.

The surrounding nature is beautiful and you have plenty of space.

The beaches on the inside of Hoveodden are shallow and have shell sand – go for a swim!
The boulder beach at Hove – part of the Raet National Park
Great outdoor areas at the o-camp
Great outdoor areas at the o-camp.
Playground for the children

The area by Hove camp center has several activity opportunities that are free of charge.

The volleyball court, football field can challenge those who are a little older too.

A playground and parkour structure that can provide challenges for most.
Volleyball court at the camp center.
Sand football field
Climbing park at Hove

It is possible to book a trip in the climbing park or try one of the other activities that TrollParkHove has to offer – they are right next to the o-camp.

Book your place in the o-camp now

Contact Hove leirsenter in order to get your spot in a house, tent or RV.

Hove leirsenter has 24 buildings with 461 beds and camping grounds with room for several thousands.