Entry and payment


Please enter as soon as you can. It makes it easier for us to plan and prepare the event.

Entry in Eventor within ordinary deadline 15th June 23.59.

Late entry in Eventor before 27th June 23.59. After this, the entry fee will increase for certain groups of runners, see the table below.

After this, entry must be sent on e-mail or via online form until 21.00 the day before each race.

After this, it is only possible to enter open classes at the arena.

AgeEntry within ordinary deadline (per race)Late entry (per race)
12 years and younger110,-110,-
13 – 16 years110,-165,-
17 years and older220,-330,-
Open classes 16 years and younger110,-110,-
Open classes 17 years and older170,-170,-
Price for entry, all values in NOK

Fee for changing class, EMIT card number or starting time after ordinary entry deadline is 50 NOK per change.

You can enter the open classes the same day at the arena – or you can enter up front in Eventor.

Participants who are not member of an orienteering club

You can enter the open classes and all N-classes, but not in competition classes.

Payment information

Please check that the information is correct before submitting (EMIT card number, class, name, etc). It will save you and us time and money.

Norwegian clubs and runners

If you are member of a Norwegian orienteering-club, we will send an invoice to your club after the races – including entry fee and any other fees due to late entry, change of information, etc.

If you are not member of an orienteering club, you will have to pay at the arena.

We accept payment using VIPPS, payment terminal for cards or cash.

Foreign clubs and runners

Entry from foreign clubs are not valid until the entry fee has been paid to our account (remember to include fee for EMIT card rental).

Runners from foreign clubs must pay any fees for changing entry details or participation in open classes at the arena.

Bank: Sparebanken Sør

IBAN: NO6430004966208


Calculate amount to transfer for all members of your group:

entry fee + emit card rental fee (if you need to rent) = amount_x

if amount_x > 2000 NOK, you must transfer: amount_x + 100 NOK

else you must transfer: amount_x + 50 NOK

The additional 100 NOK or 50 NOK is to cover the fee that our bank takes to handle the international transaction. In addition you will most likely need to pay a fee to the bank you use – this fee depends on the bank you use.

Please specify the name of the club or the people in the group that you pay for.


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