Sørlandsgaloppen takes place in the municipalities Arendal and Grimstad. This page links to other pages which describe possible events and activities in addition to the races.


A full overview of activities and attractions in Arendal can be see here.

Arendal municipality is 300 years in 2023 and here is an overview of planned events.

Arendal city has many restaurants, especially in the area called “Pollen”.

Here is an overview of museums in Arendal.

The newest attraction is the “Glass lift”. It is free to use and gives a great view of the town square and the city.

The view from the top

There is a concert with popular band “Hellbillies” Saturday 1st of July. 18 year limit. Tickets can be bought here.


A full overview of activities and events in Grimstad can be seen here

This years o-camp and parts of the race Friday 30th June takes place inside the national park “Raet”. The park has a separate Welcome center located at Dømmesmoen which is inside Norsk Hagebruksmuseum

Grimstad city has also a nice centrum with many restaurants

Grimstad by