31 orienteerers from Czechia joining

Soon the first orienteerers will be on their way on the first stage of Sørlandsgaloppen 2022. From Czechia 31 orienteerers from the SCM/TSM Ještědska oblast team will join!

Head coach Jan Kočíb says: “We are a selection of juniors from different teams from the north of our country. In the past we have formed a cooperation with KOK Kristiansand and in the past we have also participated in Sørlandsgaloppen. This year we are continuing our cooperation and as part of an exchange visit, we will come with our juniors to Kristiansand for a training camp from which we will move to Sørlandsgaloppen. We are again looking forward to the quality terrain and atmosphere of the Norwegian races and will try to be a good competition for the local runners. This is not the first time we have raced in the north, we have also done Tiomila and some of our members have done Jukola and other Nordic orienteering races.”

Welcome to Sørlandsgaloppen 2022!